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Guest post guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting a guest post for the Pics.io blog. We hope you’ve already read our recent blog posts, understood our style, and storytelling approach, and realized which of your ideas will bring the most value to our readers.

Great! It’s time to let you know the general info about Pics.io, our blog, and guidelines.

Pics.io DAM system helps to find, reuse, update & share digital content. Controlled access to your media, automated marketing workflows, progress tracking for creative projects – these are just some of the benefits of a DAM system for any type of business. You can always find more information on our website https://pics.io/hello.

Pics.io blog provides useful tips, resources & best practices on how digital asset management can help your business to manage & distribute digital content on top of your cloud storage. Our audience is very diverse, including top management, business owners, startup founders, product managers, marketers, designers, and software developers. And we’d like to keep the content simple yet relevant to them. We publish articles written by our content marketing team, along with guest posts from experts in their field.

Make sure to carefully read through the guidelines before submitting your draft for review.


Blog categories we accept guest posts for:

  • Productivity
  • Technology
  • Branding
  • SaaS
  • UI/UX design
  • Teamwork


  1. The article must bring unique value and be well-researched. In this blog, we are trying to offer solutions on how readers can improve their enterprise in a number of ways (e.g. efficiency, workflow, brand promotion, etc.). If you're making a claim about how X or Y will help the reader, please make sure to provide sources with proper citations.  These sources can be articles from peer-reviewed journals, statistics, surveys, and insights from industry leaders.
  2. We do not accept poorly written and self-promotional articles that bring zero value to our readers. Poor grammar, circular or long-winded sentences are a no-go. If you're unsure, double-check your publication with tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor before submission.
  3. We are B2B company so our blog needs to cater to that audience in particular. That doesn't mean, however, that you need to maintain a formal tone. Feel free to use conversational style, and throw in some jokes, contractions, and such.
  4. Double-check that you read a few recent posts to ensure that you are writing on a topic that hasn't been discussed recently.
  5. Err on the side of layman speak. Your writing should make sense for someone without a heavy tech background. If you need to use niche terms, make sure to describe them in text or by using addendums.
  6. The article must have at least 2 to 3 examples that support your thesis. For example, if you're saying that "optimizing UI/UX leads to better customer satisfaction," you need to provide numbers that support that statement as well as images that compare poor and good UI/UX.
  7. Do not use stock photos. Use graphs, charts, product photos (if you're describing one), and any other practical examples that support your thesis. Need at least 3 images per article.
  8. Don't be shy about promoting your company or product! As long as it fits organically into text, you can name-drop, describe its functionality, and whatever else you deem fit.
  9. We allow up to 3 dofollow links per article. Links must lead to websites with DR 60+. We do not accept links that don't have any relevance to our audience. Examples of unaccepted dofollow links: cryptocurrency, NFTs, gambling. If you're unsure about your link, just discuss it with us! Also, make sure to highlight dofollow links in your draft.
  10. We reserve the right to edit or adapt your guest post to make sure it fits our blog the right way, as well as the right to update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness. We reserve the right to remove the links that we find to be too promotional. We also reserve the right not to accept the guest post if it doesn't comply with our guidelines.

We have a certain list of recommended topics for each month, hence if you want to join the list of our guest writers for the next month please drop us an email on marketing@pics.io and we’ll discuss all the details.

Pics.io Team
Welcome to Pics.io blog, where you'll get useful tips, resources & best practices on how digital asset management can help your business to manage & distribute digital content on top of cloud storage.