Raw Image Stored in a Cloud Being Displayed in a Browser

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Video Wednesday is a new weekly column to show you one feature of Pics.io in action.

Today we’re featuring perhaps the most challenging part of the technology. That’s probably the reason I wasn’t patient to post it next wednesday as initially planned.

2 years ago John Shpika had a conversation with fellow developer about Raw image format. That guy said:

“One cannot simply show Raw in a browser.”

Ok, he didn’t say that word for word. But this was his point. Turned out, he was wrong.

Hi, I’m John from TopTechPhoto. Today I will show you a few screens from Pics.io. This is kinda Raw-converter in a browser. So, let’s get started.

Here is my personal Google Drive account and folder Picsio inside of that. Here you can see a number of Raw images. Let’s navigate to our Pics.io. And we can see previews of those images. Right here in the browser. And we can see a bigger thumbnail of the image. And we can proceed to the Develop page. It’s a Raw image, it’s not a JPEG or BMP. And we can manipulate that. Let’s add some contrast, some brightness. And even some sepia.