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10 Benefits of a DAM for a Web Design Agency

Managing several tasks and keeping up with the increasing competition are challenges for digital businesses, including web design companies. The functions that improvise brand reputation and establish a better customer and firm relationship require great struggles but are necessary for a company to thrive simultaneously.

In order to eliminate the inconveniences of manually handling digital data, technology introduced digital asset management, commonly referred to as DAM.

DAM is an IT-based technology that facilitates centralizing digital asset maintenance and also reduces costs especially if you are a startup. Web agencies need about $10.000 to $125.000 equipment to set up so DAM can reduce these costs heavily.

Additionally, it offers a lot of advantages to web agencies which we have discussed in this post.

Let us start our journey to the extensively beneficial side of a digital asset management system.

Secured Assets

Before introducing digital asset management technology, companies had to store their data in either cloud storage units or physical drivers. Though both have provided reliable services for years, they still possess a few nuisances like inaccessibility or removal of essential files.

The removal may result in the shuffling of files from one unit to another. It was a significant cause of concern as every data file is valuable for firms. But then DAM changed everything.

It can store and align each data file in an organized and secured manner. DAM utilizes a centralized environment to hold every asset, which minimizes the chance of losing files to zero, and specified searches are made more accessible.

Sleek Collaborations

With advanced technology, the complexity of office-based work is advancing. For example, several departments operate under a single company, so it is challenging to ensure centralized workflows. We mean to indicate that every department member is putting up the suitable material on the system by this term.

It is also essential to verify that the employees are tasking on similar software versions. However, it was challenging to check up on these facts manually until the foundation of DAM. Now what it does in this aspect is appreciable. DAM empowers the employees of different sectors to share assets through upload links.

Moreover, they have a specific use for every interlinked department as per the need. The approach reduced many obstacles for the company as it guaranteed smooth collaboration amongst the workers, and we were also able to spot a spike in working speed.

Reputation Maintenance

Maintenance of brand reputation consistently is not at all elementary. However, considering the importance of this aspect, specifically when firms stay in touch with customers and the general public through social media, DAM allows the posting of approved content. The relevant tools agree on standardized, high-quality content that conveys the right message.  

Since this area requires extra care, the brands are allowed to set up a personalized set of rules for approval. The optimized content will help gather more brand representatives and establish a respected status of the company in the digital market.

Optimized Access Control

For widely spread firms, the accessibility of data has always posed a bothersome task. The files are storable in different folders of different virtual storage units. The struggle further aggravates if those files contain delicate details that require extra protection. Hence, the administrator needs to grant the access carefully and withdraw it whenever he sees a need to do that.

Furthermore, the tracking of data usage is also his responsibility. But a single person can not take care of all these needs precisely as he has to share data in different locations. It is when digital asset management comes in handy, which allows the manager to deal with all the accessibility-relevant tasks from a single platform. This approach is highly time-saving and ensures that no unwanted person can reach any sensitive information about the company.

Spontaneous Reporting of Data Usage

In web designing agencies, several employees handle digital resources. In such a case, the administration department must stay aware of the members' every move. It is also vital to keep an eye on how the employees utilize assets, and the information in no way is getting misused. Due to extensiveness, it gets difficult to follow usage insights of each department manually, but digital asset management can do so.

The DAM technology displays a single chart via its reporting tools. The diagram exhibits the following interactions clearly;

  • Name of employees along with the asset they are handling
  • How employees are using those resources

Besides providing these critical insights, digital asset technology also allows administration authorities to run surveys for assets and users to have advanced details under their reach.

Metadata Organization

The agencies running for several years face a significant problem too often when they need to dig up previous data like images, pictures, videos, etc. Companies usually spend weeks locating the relevant data. Moreover, if the data search duration passes the deadline, the enterprise might face substantial financial loss.

This difficulty is only due to a lack of search filters and data grouping under metadata and keywords. However, digital asset management offers this function to simplify the search process for any specific data.

It is possible as DAM allows managers to store data with relevant tags, keywords, and metadata, so next time the company demands any data file, it will be accessible in a few minutes. This approach saves time and effort, which the employees can conveniently use to perform productive tasks like creating rich content.

Widespread sharing potential

Companies that use cloud storage to secure sensitive data are hassle-free as the platform can safely distribute links to relevant information. But this approach might not suit every condition, specifically when the firm has to administer data to a vast audience or make it available for a limited time.

DAM plays a vital role in targeting this problem through comprehensive sharing means. The multiple functioning capabilities of DAM in this regard include shareable links with expiry to content visibility and the establishment of a specified web portal where broad audiences can access data just like they are browning through a usual web page.

To sum up, digital asset management allows the handling of projects through variable shareability options ranging from public to private and combined portals. The administrators can even share the single link with all employees, each having distinctive access levels according to their working area.

The web designing agencies usually come across the need to utilize licensed content like images, videos, logos, etc. However, most think that paying for them once facilitates their unrestricted usage. But it is not the case as copyrighted materials often accompany certain fixed restrictions, but keeping a check on these get difficult, especially if the enterprise lacks any legal adviser.

Digital asset management, with its all-in-one technique, makes the accessibility of each licensed asset's permitted stature inside the content storage center to save the user from unnecessary hassles. A digital rights management under DAM is capable of performing this task smoothly. The primary responsibility of a DRM is to make sure that employees are not using any copyrighted material for a prohibited action. It even displays the usage criteria of these assets, so the firm is free from future legal penalties.

Substantial Integrations

Since web designing agencies are performing multiple tasks simultaneously, there is a requirement for numerous tools and applications to facilitate the need. For example, a department dealing in theme designing has to use Photoshop frequently. In contrast, security administrators need any relevant tool to ensure data security.

Before DAM, the agencies had to spend several bucks on buying multiple software, and it was also challenging to keep track of their expiry. However, DAM changed the entire scenario by allowing the integration of extensive tools and applications, which resulted in enhanced productivity and fruitful outcomes. Whether you decide you enlist the help of a drag and drop website builder or landing page software, DAM allows for tool integration with ease.

These integrations can perform many other tasks, which include;

  • Connectivity of assets with content management tools
  • Connectivity of assets with creative collections
  • Linking content to portals that then upload it to social media after inspection

Data Safety from Hackers and Malware

Digital assets are susceptible, and hence the agencies need to maintain top-level security measures for exceptional protection against virtual hackers and viruses. The problem might arise due to human or system error whenever data is shareable over drivers or cloud storage.

A little bit of carelessness can pose a massive loss for the company. However, when digital asset management's security features are involved, the company can be as stress-free as possible. The DAM-sponsored data centers comply with SOC 2 technology, and other protective measures are also ensured, including SSL certificates, etc. Administrators can share links containing crucial details to teams with expiry, so the data gets erased upon project completion.

Final Thoughts

For web designing agencies that deal with numerous tasks of different types, digital asset management has come as a lifesaver. Manual processing is no longer necessary. All the jobs ranging from data arrangement and storage to security and shareability are handled efficiently through DAM.

The list of DAM's superiority is never-ending, but we tried to concise it in this article. We hope that more agencies will recognize its importance and try to attain its extensive benefits.

Did you enjoy this article? Give Pics.io a try — or book a demo with us, and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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