Blog: Everything about Digital Asset Management

Welcome to blog, where you'll get useful tips, resources & best practices on how digital asset management can help your business to manage & distribute digital content on top of your cloud storage.

Reading our blog, you will learn:

  • What is DAM and why your business needs one?
  • How to choose a DAM service to meet your business needs?
  • What are the basic tools & principles of effective file organization?
  • How to measure the efficiency of DAM service?
  • Case studies on DAM implementation for different industries. was launched by TopTechPhoto in 2012 in the USA. Today, over 40 000 users over the globe have trusted expertise in storing and managing a huge amounts of their data and files, helping to find the needed assets quickly, and effective team collaboration.

A professional DAM system revolutionizes the way you find, reuse, update & share your digital content.  Controlled access to your media, automated marketing workflows, progress tracking for creative projects - these are just some of the benefits of a DAM system for any type of business.