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5 Key DAM Features to Get the Most out of your Digital Assets

Digital assets are the crux of digital marketing and advertising, making them highly important for business. What are digital assets, you may ask? Everything from logos, images, videos, newsletters, product photos, datasheets, etc. falls under the category of digital assets.

However, with so many of them doing their rounds in your device and cloud storage, managing them can be quite an ordeal. Simple management issues can quickly spiral out of control and wreak havoc that costs time and money.

Many software solutions have been devised to remedy this issue, the most recent (and most effective) one coming in the form of the Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. DAMs can help you declutter your asset library, organize it and help with its management, allowing you to extract the maximum value from your investment.

In this article, we will be focusing on five DAM integrations that can help you alleviate common asset management issues. If it is about time that your asset library had spring cleaning, this article was made just for you!

What is DAM Software and how can it benefit you?

The success of your digital asset management initiative depends on designing a cohesive business environment where digital asset management software integrates with internal business applications, customer-facing applications, and applications of your suppliers and business partners. The core benefits of the well-thought-out application integration is time-effective data entry, search, and distribution.

DAM is a tool that can help you manage your digital assets so that you have better control over them. It is a centralized platform that systematically stores all your digital assets so that you may manage, organize, control their creation and deletion, and track them better, instead of fumbling around a pile of them. You can think about it as a digital asset library that stores all your assets to make them easily accessible, thus enhancing productivity and improving workflow.

Here are a few reasons why DAM software is a good investment for your business:

Top 5 DAM Software Integrations

To make sure that your DAM is at the top of its game, you may invest in the following integrations that can boost up your DAM. For enterprises, application integration enables automated data flows between the company’s internal business applications, those of customers as well as of suppliers and business partners.

With Adobe Creative Cloud

With this integration, your creative team can make swift moves on content creation. When your DAM is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, which is by far the most popular creative suite, it becomes easy for your creators to import and export assets without distracting them from creative work.

With Project Management

When working on a new project, an influx of new assets is to be expected. By integrating DAM  with your project management tool you can easily map digital assets to the relevant projects.

With Product Information Management

One of the most important roles of a DAM is the swift and easy location of any digital asset. With a Product Information Management or PIM integration, you can easily assign attributes to your digital asset and upload them to DAM, further enhancing their management and tracking.

With CMS Tool

It's interesting that the CMS market will reach $123 billion by 2026. When your DAM integrates with your CMS tool, you are creating the opportunity for your team members and even your clients to directly access and utilize approved digital assets. This creates a completely hassle-free and efficient way of accessing digital assets.

With Marketing Cloud

Lastly, integration with the Marketing cloud is an effective way to deliver projects and digital assets to your clients and other departments. It is a systematic procedure where the channel owners can easily get what they are looking for, without having to ask around.

Summing it All Up

DAMs are incredibly powerful tools that transform your files into metadata enrichened assets. The subtler power of DAM is the software's ability to integrate with other tools in your workflow. Tools such as Adobe Suite, CMS, Marketing Cloud and so much more. By leveraging these integrations you'll streamline your workflow and unlock your assets' true potential.

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