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7 Ways To Use Recruiting Automation For Hiring

The hiring process can be a stressful time for companies, since there may be positions to be filled, and candidates to interview and choose. The good news is, this process can be made easier with recruiting automation.

So, how can your company use automation to make the recruitment process easier to run and manage? Then you’re in luck!

Here are 7 ways that your company can implement an automated recruiting system for your hiring process.

1.Adding Chatbots To Your Job Site

Nowadays, online sites have chatbots that are front and center, when it comes to customer service. Chatbots are AI-powered, which makes going through customer databases and company information simplified. In other words, chatbots act like virtual recruiting assistants that are there 24/7.

How do chatbots work? Instead of emailing for a long time with a recruiter, candidates can engage with chatbots. As a result, candidates get their questions answers from frequently asked questions, and recruiters find the right people to stay connected with. This allows candidates to fill out applications right away, rather than fill out an extensive online form. And, recruiters and candidates can message each other instantly without having to wait between days for email responses.

2.Talent Pool Engagement

Ever wanted to find the right person for the job in one session? Automation can help with that.

With many job seekers uploading their resumes and qualifications online, the Internet is now a gold mine for recruiters to find resumes and get in contact with people. If your company has a talent pool, then automation helps you fast-forward to the right candidates.

For example, suppose your company is looking for a coder. In your talent pool, you might already have job seekers that range from, say, business analysts, file clerks, and coders. With automation, it can immediately collect all the coder talent for the company to see and contact for an interview.

3.More Advanced Resume Screening

On the same token, automation helps companies look at resumes with Resume Management Software. Forget the old saying that hiring managers take only a few seconds to look through a resume before moving on to the next resume. Also, don’t worry about trying to weed out unqualified applicants with traditional resume screening.
Instead, automating resume screening can help make picking and choosing resumes simpler for companies.

4. Shortlisting Skills

Need people with certain skills?

While creating a shortlist is a great way to seek out job seekers with the desired skills, it can take forever to have an effective list in place. Understandably, companies don’t have time to sift through people’s applications, resumes, etc. So, if they need to create a shortlist with skills assessments, then they need that list right away.

That’s why automation is a great way to create such a list. Automation, as mentioned earlier, can delve into job seekers’ information, resumes, skills, etc., and then help companies compose a list of eligible candidates, desired skillsets, and the needs of the job itself. In this way, there’s no need to require a formal assessment from job seekers.

5. Using Social Media

Believe it or not, a lot of people are using social media. From Facebook to Instagram, to even LinkedIn – a social media platform for companies and job seekers to find each other – people are always spending time on social media.

Now, if you’re a company that posts to various social media, then you know how important it is to post regularly, especially when it comes to job recruitment. But when you automate your social media postings, it’ll be easier to schedule posts at the right times, including your call for applicants to take advantage of a certain job opening. You can also automate how you launch recruiting campaigns, so that you’re always reaching out to potential candidates.

6.Improving Interviewing

Now, the interview is where job seekers should shine. But what happens when you don’t have interviews picked up within a certain timeframe?

Aside from helping you bring more and more job seekers to your company, automation can also help you make the interview more wholesome and effective for both the interviewer and the interviewee. Automation allows you to think about the following:

  • What kinds of questions are appropriate to ask job seekers?
  • What kinds of questions will job seekers most likely ask?
  • What times of day are job seekers comfortable being interviewed in?
  • Do job seekers prefer in-person interviews or virtual?

When you have these questions in mind, automation can help you create a laundry list of how to improve on future interviews by using AI-powered tools to evaluate video responses from job seekers.

7. Improving Background Checks

Finally, for companies wary about hiring certain people on, you can breathe a sigh of relief when using automation. Automation not only delves into job seeker data, but also looks into background checks of applicants. Rather than ask applicants to provide background checks, automation does it for you in the following means:

  • Name-matching
  • Red-flag searching
  • Automated candidate research
  • Removing false hits, etc.

Yes, even the most qualified candidates need to pass a background check before the official hire. But don’t worry! Automation takes care of that as well!


So, there you have it!

Recruiting automation can definitely help you and your company hire the best in your industry. No longer are the days where you have to dive into an ocean of applications, resumes, and so on.

Now, this is not to replace recruiters with machines and robots. No. Automation is meant to help companies make the recruitment process easier for all. Since tedious tasks are often blamed for longer recruitment processes, automation hopes to change that!

As you can see, by these 7 possibilities, automation can be done well in the recruitment process. Automation is worth taking advantage of! If your company wants to hire the best of the best in a shorter timeframe, then let automation take care of what you need for the process to run smoothly!

The best of luck, hiring managers!

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Christina Lee is a writer and editor at Ukwritings and Academized. She is also a contributing writer for OX Essays. As a project manager, she oversees various projects in many companies nationwide. As a content writer, she writes articles about tech trends, automation, and coding.

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