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Education Marketing Strategies For 2022

Today, education marketing is undergoing many transformations: the transition from traditional systems to digital and virtual marketing, the need to conduct training in quarantine conditions, attempts to attract generation Z to new opportunities, etc. In addition, there are more and more trends that need to be monitored and constantly implemented, replacing outdated programs.

Marketing education strategies in 2022 should stand out against the background of the usual trends, which is what we will discuss in our article.


Education Marketing Strategies for 2022

In 2022, there is no need to constantly search for new tools for higher education marketing. It is enough to adapt the old ones, based on the new industry trends. We offer 7 strategies for the successful operation of the educational system.

№1. Working with Generation Z

Even though Generation Z has a short memory concentration time and full immersion in social networks, they are important and need to be educated. This is difficult due to misunderstanding, but it is possible if you find an approach. The main task is to become an authority for them. To do this, use slang, adopt their sense of humor and surround them with support.

Use social media to build Generation Z loyalty. Be sure to create Instagram and TikTok accounts, follow their trends and communicate with students through jokes. For example, add funny memes to lecture material or send them to a general student chat in one of the messengers. The main thing is not to confuse old memes with new ones, so as not to cause ridicule of teenagers.

№2. Search engine visibility optimization

Two-thirds of Google search queries are viewed only within the first page of the SERP. The search engine operation model is limited to the featured snippet field, which automatically analyzes information from sites and gives the user the most relevant result for their request. The higher you are in the list of search results, the more likely you are to be noticed.

Use SEO-optimization for these purposes, aimed at satisfying the maximum number of search engine queries. The strategy should not only include keywords, you should constantly check your position on the SERP to find the most effective methods.

№3. Adding video content

During the coronavirus period, there was a sharp decrease in the number of students. So, 36% of educational institutions felt it very strongly. But a solution was found, it is also relevant in 2022 - this is video content. It can be used to attract potential students. Topics can be completely different, relating to both the educational institution and psychological assistance to applicants, for example:

  1. Tour of the educational institution.
  2. How do you decide to enter an educational institution?
  3. Psychological assistance to applicants.
  4. Answers to the most popular questions.

Videos should not be long, otherwise they are unlikely to be viewed. Short Reels (maximum 90 seconds) on social media are the perfect format for prospective students. When you connect targeting to them, you can reach a very large audience. Also create a more detailed long video, to which add a link and a call to action below the short video. Interested applicants will be happy to see a more detailed review, but only after an interesting Reels.

№4. Work on the value of the diploma

In 2022, the problem of the value of a diploma is relevant. Both parents and applicants want to be sure of the relevance of the profession and the possibility of finding a good job. It is necessary to develop a whole strategy that will highlight data on career and financial results after graduation. They must be real, otherwise the educational institution will not wait for its students. Analytical and statistical data should contain maximum information. They can be posted on a website or on social networks so that everyone can evaluate them and make a decision.

№5. Implementation of conversational marketing

“Conversational marketing” is not just a buzzword, but a strategy that is relevant in 2022. In every industry, users want even more interactivity and an even better level of service, so gaining their loyalty is not easy.

A huge amount of information about the educational process, about the services offered by the educational institution, and about the possibilities of students is the basis that cannot be dispensed with. But to it it is necessary to add a human voice. For example, chat rooms for communication, forums or polls for voting. The main thing is to set up a feedback that will give a true feedback about the work of the institution, will allow everyone to speak out and interact directly with university life.

№6. Adding personalization

Future students are very different from those who were yesterday. Every year the gap will be more and more. We need constant adaptation of processes to new trends, one of which is personalization.

With the advent of digital marketing, young people have become increasingly trusting opinions inspired by social media. Even though they have little trust in brands, the big picture will remain authoritative for years to come. One of the levers of persuasion is personalization, which will lead to an increase in conversion.

Yes, the new generation is consumed by social media, but they still want more real connections. Include personalization in as many communication channels as possible. For example, offer each student links to individual learning resources from different platforms, like Studocu.

№7. Output on YouTube

In 2020, about 27% of applicants cited YouTube videos as the main factor in their decision to enter an educational institution. The platform is really becoming more popular in the field of marketing and is not going to lose momentum. Creating a YouTube channel will increase visibility, support other digital marketing strategies, and improve SEO. Longer video content can be posted here, leaving a link to it in social networks. Use it as animated graphics and live conversations.


All presented educational marketing strategies are relevant in 2022. The ideal solution would be the gradual introduction of each of them. With their help, you can fill your educational institution with new applicants and beat your competitors. Do not forget to analyze the effectiveness of strategies to understand which ones work best.

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Rebeca Willis
Rebecca Willis is a talented writer, editor, and active guest contributor. She is passionate about the latest trends and always looking for new challenges as a content creator. You can reach her at guestpostingninja@gmail.com.

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