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6 Essential Steps for Successful Email Outreach Campaign

An email outreach is a marketing tactic that refers to approaching people or potential customers via email. It is widely used by businesses all around the world this is so because there are around 4.37 million email users around the globe, and 99% of users check their emails on a daily basis. This stat is more than enough to explain to you why email outreach is necessary for brands. However, several brands not getting the required results even after running an email outreach campaign. And the common reason found behind their failure is not using the right approach.

So, in this article, we are going to explain six steps that you (email marketer or brand) can follow to make your email outreach successful. 

What Exactly Is an Email Outreach Campaign

An email outreach campaign is also commonly referred to as an email drip campaign. It is a marketing tactic that involves sending a series of automatically delivered emails to both new and old leads to keep them engaged or familiar with the brand.

This strategy is a key driver of conversion rates, giving your business a competitive edge.

Apart from this, if a brand runs an email outreach campaign, it will have an opportunity to build good relationships with the targeted audience.

Steps That You Need to Follow for Effective Email Outreach Campaign

Below are the six steps that you need to follow to make your email outreach campaign.

Identify Target Audience & Segment The Email

First of all, you need to identify the audience. For this, you need to understand their needs, likes, and dislikes.

This will give you the opportunity to tailor your email campaign according to the audience. Obviously, when the recipient receives an email that matches their needs and preferences, they will be most likely to engage with it, increasing the overall chances of conversion – which is the primary goal of email outreach. 

To identify the audience's needs and pain points, you need to conduct marketer research through surveys, interviews, polls, etc. The research will provide you with useful insights into the industry, role, and interests of the audience. After this, you need to determine how your brand or business can provide value and tailor the email campaign accordingly. 

Just identifying the targeted audience is not enough, you also need to segment the email list of the audience. This can be essential for brands that have a wider users from all around the globe. Obviously, a wider audience will have different needs and preferences. 

Segmenting the email will allow you to perfectly divide the entire visitors into different categories or groups based on their interests. sending personalized emails doesn't mean that campaign will be successful.

Craft A Compelling Headline

After identifying and segmenting the email list, you then have to craft appealing to-eyes subject lines for your email campaigns. Crafting a compelling subject is necessary because the subject line decides whether the recipient will open the email or not. 

According to Zippia, around 47% of users open and read emails based on their subject line. And almost 96% of users ignore or mark emails as spam after reading the subject line. That’s why it is necessary to come up with an appealing-to-read subject or email headline. So, recipients feel encouraged to open and read it. This should further increase the conversions.

To craft a compelling subject line, you can use more engaging words and phrases rather than casual or boring ones. Check out the example below: 

Normal subject line: 

“Hey, Check Out Our New Watch”

Now, we are going to make the above subject line catchy by using more persuasive words. 

Catchy version: 

“Keep Track of Your Time with Elegance”

As you can see in the example above, the second subject line looks more appealing as compared to the first one. 

Write Engaging Email Copy

The third step you need to follow to make your email outreach campaign successful is to write an engaging email copy. Basically, an email copy is the information in the email body. 

Its primary purpose is to keep users engaged and then at the end encourage users to take some kind of action such as landing on the brand’s main website and making a purchase. That’s why keep the email copy as engaging as possible. For this, you need to apply the same formula or technique (use of engaging words) that is described in the step above. 

While strong writing skills can elevate your email copy, there are still ways to craft compelling messages even if you're not a wordsmith. Here are a few options...

One option is to hire professional writers who will write engaging emails for your campaign. This option is free, but requires some extra time. Another option is to utilize online writing tools such as Copy.ai. It can help marketers and businesses to quickly create engaging email copies for their campaigns.

Keep Email Copy Clear And Concise

Email marketers and brands should not just stick to writing catchy email copies. Instead, for the success of their email campaign they also need to keep it clear and concise. 

A clean email will make it easy for the recipient to understand what message you are trying to convey. A well-understood message sparks interest - the recipients will be ready to connect with the brand in no time. To make email simple you have to make use of words and phrases that are commonly known to average customers in your targeted market. 

Besides this, you also need to keep the email copy concise (usually not more than two paragraphs). This is also because recipients usually prefer short emails. To keep email short, you need to avoid discussing unnecessary things. Most email marketers or even professional writers may struggle to convert a whole bunch of information into a few paragraphs. 

In such kind of scenario, you can get from an AI text summarizer. It will efficiently shorten your email copy by eliminating all the unnecessary words and phrases from it.

Add Call-To-Action

You need to add a Call-to-action (CTA) to your email to make your campaign successful. A CTA is a marketing term that refers to adding a certain button, link, or phrase that will guide the readers toward the next action. Now you may be wondering how you can add CTA. For this, you can use different words/phrases like “Get in touch,” “Register today,” or “Sign up for newsletter.”

However, keep in mind that your CTA is a place in the email where the chances of clicking the recipient are higher. And do not load the email with too many CTAs, this will greatly spoil the user experience. Although it is appropriate to add multiple Call-to-actions to a single email, you should have a proper reason for each CTA. 

By adding a call-to-action to your email, you can drive or encourage the recipient to take some kind of action such as getting in touch with the brand, subscribing to the newsletter, or visiting the official site to purchase something. 

Launch The Campaign At The Right Time

Now, your email campaign is loaded and fully ready to launch. All you have to do is just hit or click the “Send” button. But wait… to get the required results from the sent emails, you (the marketer or brand) should send the email on the right day and time. 

Doing so will increase the chances that the recipient will open and read the sent email. So, when it comes to the best day, according to Optinmonster, Thursdays have the highest open rate as compared to other days. Whereas, Tuesday has the second-best open rate.

When it comes to the perfect time, especially 9 to 11 am is considered the best. However, keep this in mind, if your targeted audience is from a different time zone, then select the time according to their time, not yours. So, carefully pay attention to the time zone. 


Marketers and brands all around the world run email outreach campaigns to become successful in the market. But remember, to make email outreach work for your brand, it is necessary to follow the right steps. 

In this article, we have explained some steps that you need to follow to make an email outreach campaign, hope you will find this article useful. 

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