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How to Produce Content at Scale

Producing a lot of content is a must in today’s fast-moving consumer era. The more content you produce, the more traffic and sales you get.

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But if you’re looking to get the best results, you must focus on quality too. Most B2B companies scale up their content strategy, but they do it at the cost of quality which is far from ideal.

In this article, we’ll look at 9 ways to produce content at scale while keeping quality high.

We’ll discuss a simple step-by-step process you can follow to improve the amount of content you produce and its quality.

#1 Create Content Clusters

Coming up with topics can be pretty challenging, mainly if you’re producing content at scale and need to come up with 50+ blog post ideas.

Fortunately, you can make this process easier by leveraging the content clusters.

In essence, it’s when you pick a huge topic and divide it into smaller chunks. So if you’re writing content about how to increase your ROI in business, instead of creating one giant post, you’d split it into multiple posts such as:

  1. The key to creating a high ROI
  2. 3 tips for boosting your ROI
  3. How to measure your ROI
  4. ROI examples from businesses

You’ll get 10X more ideas instantly, and your content will have better structure and rank a lot higher on Google.

This step is essential to never run out of topics and always have more content ideas.

It will also increase your writing turn-around time because the more you write about the big topic, the more familiar you are with it, which cuts time on research.

#2 Create a Content Calendar

Confusion and not knowing what to do can slow down your workflow.

It’s the number one productivity killer, and that’s why you must make sure to always know what to write and when to write it.

A content calendar is exactly for that.


A comprehensive content calendar consists of the topic, date, and everything to produce a piece of content.

If you’re just a beginner, you can use the standard Google Calendar app for free.

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You just create events - the articles you’ll write - and you’re all set. But if you’re serious about scaling up your content and working with a team, that won’t be sufficient.

You’ll need more advanced software with project management functions like Trello.

Trello allows you to create a content calendar and assign the writers to each article, set the status of articles, and better track your progress.


It’s an excellent solution for teams and corporations that have a lot of staff.

Either way, pick your content calendar solution, prevent confusion, and have a solid plan to follow to maximize your productivity. n some circumstances, it is also a good idea to enroll in project management training to enhance your management abilities.

#3 Get a Solid Team

Trying to do the whole content production yourself won’t get you far. While using resource management software can get you far, a lack of a solid team means that you’ll soon run out of resources and risk burning out.

That’s why it’s ideal to outsource your work and hire professionals to help you.

On top of that, hiring a professional will usually lead to greater results and a positive ROI which is definitely worth it.


When I talk about outsourcing, I am not talking just about hiring writers.

Ideally, you should hire a whole team of professionals, from researchers and writers to editors and marketers, and automate the entire workflow.

It’s much better to hire multiple people and let them do only a small portion of the work.  

That is because they are professionals in their field, so you get better and faster results than if only one person did the whole thing alone.

Outsourcing is a great way to keep the quality high and supercharge your content volume.

#4 Use AI Software Solution

Whether you have no time or just trying to push the content creation even further, you can leverage the latest AI technologies to revolutionize your content and maximize your content output.

AI software allows you to get high-quality articles done in a matter of a few hours.

It automatically generates the article for you based on the title and description you provide it with. For example, one of the best solutions on the market is Jasper.

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In my experience, it cuts down the content creation time in half. But if you’re like me, you’re skeptical and wonder about the quality of the content.

And I have to tell you. It’s incredibly great.

Now, of course, it’s not perfect. You’ll still need to edit the article, add filler sentences, etc. This is especially true about the search intent. So be sure to take a closer look at it and identify at what sales funnel stage your readers are.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a great way to pump up more content, take away the tedious side of writing, and create high-quality content fast.

#5 Publish “Rough First Drafts” And Edit Later

Editing your content can take a lot of time, especially if you want to make your content as perfect as possible. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a large team, you can’t afford to spend too much time on it.

That’s why it’s much better to focus on the writing and publish rough drafts first. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, it’s a great idea.

Your rough drafts may not be perfect, but they still contain all important information.

That makes them helpful, and so they can be published, and you can concentrate on creating other pieces of content instead of editing. And once you have more time, you can use it to edit the rough drafts you published.

That will also amplify your editing because you will get a fresh look at the posts you’ve written, which will lead to better edits and higher quality.

This step is critical to saving time and can be nicely combined with AI.

You let the AI generate an article for you, publish it, and edit it later. That way, you’ll be producing a massive amount of content while keeping it high quality.

#6 Repurpose Your Most Successful Existing Content

You don’t always have to come up with new topics. Instead, you can save that time and use it to repurpose your already existing content.

For instance, if you have a video, you can write down a transcript and use it in your post. If you have a post, you could potentially use the crux of the content to create a newsletter for your audience.

The options are limitless. Doing so will also help you attract a wider audience and give better variety to your content.

If you’re thinking about introducing new content types, I highly suggest going with Podcast. Podcasts have become the golden standard in recent years and will definitely continue to rise further in the future.

Podcast Insights

Just be sure you make the quality perfect and choose the right hosting.

You should also use a video marketing checklist to start producing more videos- the consumers’ favorite type of content. This will make the process easier and more linear each time.


Producing a wide variety of content types will help you separate yourself from competitors, attract customers with different preferences, and create more content faster.

Content can also be repurposed in a way that drives social sharing, so definitely consider various uses for your content.

#7 User-Generated Content & Guest Posts

To speed up your content creation and ease up on resources, you can use your customers to create content for your site directly.

This is called user-generated content and will increase the authenticity of your content.

That’s right. Consumers are 2.4X more likely to say that user-generated content is the most authentic compared to branded content.

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The best way to get user-generated content is to reach out to your customers. You should identify repeated buyers that are loyal to your brand and ask them if they could write a review about your product.

You can even give them a coupon or a discount in return to sweeten up the deal.

You can give significant discounts to the people that create the most content for your brand as an incentive to continue to do so. This will both serve as a marketing campaign as well as solidifies the relationship these clients have with your brand.

You can also leverage guest posts and allow other writers to produce content for your website. Just be sure to create a set of guidelines and have someone manage it.

It can get quite overwhelming, and not all posts will be according to your needs, though.

Either way, using user-generated content and guest posts is a great way to produce a lot of content for free without any effort. You can also use various cost-effective ways to boost your brand awareness through the content that you (or others) produce.

#8 Leverage Software & Content Templates

Starting your posts from scratch can be very time-consuming. You need to think about the structure, and there will be a lot of post-formatting after writing an article.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent that and speed up the whole content creation.

You can easily accomplish that by creating content templates. For instance, consider the following template from Backlinko.


It will allow you to work much more effectively and write faster. It will also prevent writer’s block, and you won’t be starting from scratch.

It will help you produce posts that work and your audience genuinely enjoys.

Templates are great before starting an article, but what about post-editing? For that, you’ll need to use a few writing tools.

Various solutions can speed up your editing and make it 10X easier.

One of the best writing tools to consider is Grammarly. You no longer have to go word for word to discover if everything is written grammatically correct.

Instead, you just turn on Grammarly, and it will do the whole job for you.


You can also use other tools like the Hemingway app to simplify your posts and make them more readable.

It’s a simple editor that shows you precisely what sentences are hard to read or complex.

You can then fix them and produce better content.


Your content should come along with stunning visuals to make them more appealing. You can turn to photo editing software to craft your graphics.

Using tools and templates can simplify the workflow and make it more efficient. It will allow you to save more time which you can invest in content production.

It’s a simple step that can completely supercharge your content.

#9 Don’t Focus on Perfection

There is nothing wrong with trying to make your posts perfect. It’s natural that you want to produce content that is superior to your competitors.

Unfortunately, when we talk about scaling up your content, it can be a fatal setback.

Overly editing your content will take you a lot of time which you could use for content production. Overcoming it isn’t easy, though.

But you must keep in mind that your posts don’t have to be perfect to be helpful. They just need to be informative and high-quality. Multiple high-quality articles will help your reader a lot more than just one that is perfect.

Keep that in mind when producing your next pieces of content.


We live in a consuming era, and if you’re looking to thrive, you must do everything in your power to produce as much content as possible. To be successful, though, you must also focus on the quality, not just the amounts.

In this article, we’ve gone over 9 ways to produce content at scale.

Follow the advice above, produce more content effortlessly, and achieve your desired results faster.

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Hanson Cheng
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