Great start with — Pay as you go pricing plan

You have decided that digital asset management solution is worth your attention and can potentially meet the requirement of your team. You have even completed your registration and are ready to test the new product.

What’s next? After you have registered in, you are automatically given a 7-day free trial period. By default, you start your journey with “Pay as you go” plan, developed to meet the need of small teams, individuals and freelancers.

This plan perfectly fits your needs if you are working alone or with a small team, or you want to use only several functions. With “Pay as you Go” plan to can get more for your money and pay only for the functions you are using even after the trial period. All digital asset management tools like search, download, versioning and commenting will be available for free after trial period. Collaborating with your client or colleague and working together with media assets never been so easy.

When a 7-day free trial period is over, you can choose either Pay As You Go plan, which is perfect for individuals, or one of several Billing packages available.


  • Free after connecting your credit card. You will be charged only for the features you are using;
  • 12$/mo for each public website you create;
  • 18$/mo for each user in your team.

Create your personal plan today and start getting more from your media assets.

How to change your plan:

Login into;

Go to “Billing”:

Go to Billing

Choose “Pay as you go”:

Choose "Pay as You Go"

Update your plan by clicking “Select plan”.

You can anytime delete or add the right amount of teammates and websites for your needs. You will be charged only for the time you have been using the website or working with teammates.

Remember that during the trial period you can fully enjoy all the features available in You can organize and search your digital assets, invite your teammates to collaborate with you, and showcase the results of your work to your customers with the help of websites. If you were not registered yet, please join our community now.

We recommend to book a free of charge product demo with our expert during this period to discuss all the questions you have and decide whether you stay on “Pay as you go” or choose one of several other Billing packages available. Team
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