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The Ultimate Post about Raw.pics.io or How We Enabled Raw Uploads on Facebook

First of all, if you haven’t already checked it — go to our newest service — online raw converter (raw.pics.io) and drop one of your images.

Raw.pics.io allows quick conversion of Raw images to JPEG. What’s the big hype? Hard to explain if you never been in the situation when you need to show your image right now. Or if you always had the device with all the necessary software with you. Or if a friend of yours never called you late at night asking how to get his vacation photos back because “he was experimenting with that format everyone on photography forum tells to use instead JPEG”.

Uh, not that hard to explain, as it turns out.

When something like above happened you had just two alternatives:

  1. Download some software wasting your time installing it and making it work;
  2. Use some online image converter and die from advertisement overload (and also waste your time on uploads and downloads).

Raw.pics.io steps in with a new experience.

Pics.io Online Raw Converter

The web-service is currently capable to:

  • Accept one image from Canon/Nikon or virtually any camera (DNG format)
  • Show you EXIF data
  • Save JPEG/JPG locally
  • Post your photo to Facebook
  • Accept another image (drag’n’drop is always on)
  • And another… and another…

What’s next?

We are always looking for ways to improve the service, and we look to our users to tell us how we can make this happen. We’ve put together a short survey. You’ll help us much if you find 3 minutes to fill it out. To go to the survey, click here.

The future is coming...

Quick RAW2JPEG conversion is a first step. We decided to put it online because there’s already some value in that single feature. We know reportage photographers will value the ability to shoot “Raw Only” and remain fast on image delivery to their agencies. It will also become handy when you have no plans to post-process and just want to show your photos to the world ASAP.


If you ask where we’re heading with that service? I’d say that someday it will be much like Camera Raw, just in a browser. It should use real raw data to develop the final image and allow you to work anytime, anywhere.

Upload Raw to Facebook? Are you serious?

Yep. With our Facebook app, it’s possible (please, don’t tell Mark ;)).

Well, actually, he won’t be very angry. As you might know, quick JPEG extracting is a part of our technology and just that part of the Raw file is being uploaded.

So Facebook can’t be your raw storage for now. But with Raw.pics.io Facebook app you now have a new and quick way to share recent photographs on Facebook.

You can also find it on our Facebook page.

Pics.io Team
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