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We’re continuously interviewing photographers to know what do they think about Pics.io. By the way, let me know if you want to share your thoughts about photography future.

In the last post I mentioned that we had interviewed Alexandr Ambalov. He is a professional retoucher and colorist. He also hosts very popular online and offline classes teaching people amazing tricks in color correction. We asked Alexandr to validate the idea of collaborative photo editing. He was pretty skeptical at first. But then we asked him about implementing it in educational process. Just imagine that photography teacher can just go over his/her students’ images and easily mark problem areas. Or even correct them having full access to the history of picture development. And note — it still doesn’t require that teacher and student in the same location. Good? Excellent! And that was confirmed by our guest Alexandr.

Alexandr Ambalov

Okay, go further. Let’s assume you’re working on a complex picture for an advertisement. How it happens nowadays? You do what you can in the picture, then your colleague, then review and so on. But what if each of you can have own layer (yes I mean a layer like one in Photoshop) so you can do your job simultaneously? That thing will make post-processing of complex images up a notch.

I know that there are a couple of digital assets management systems employing similar idea. But in most cases they allow to have a common repository and check-in/check-out changes. With current solutions achievable maximum is automatic synchronization of changes. That’s already not enough for text and, no doubt, it just sucks when it comes to pictures.

We have a number of others tricks like above in mind. And we want to hear your ideas. Which applications of those ideas good, which are not? Tell us that in comments! And check out Alexandr’s amazing gallery at deviantART (just click the image below):

Alexandr’s gallery

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