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Why Video Transcription Is the Future of Content Marketing

With the rise of social media, it's no surprise that video is increasingly becoming a crucial component of content marketing strategies. Video content is now used by 91% of businesses as a marketing tool.

The largest social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have all introduced numerous tools for creating and managing video content for bloggers and marketers. And, video transcription is one of them. In this article, we will discuss how video transcription can benefit content marketing.

Video content marketing: what is it?

Videos are used in content marketing in a variety of ways to engage and connect with audiences. Some popular uses of videos in content marketing include:

  1. Product demos and tutorials: Videos are an excellent way to showcase a product or service and demonstrate its features and advantages.
  2. Thought leadership: Brands and bloggers can establish themselves as industry experts by creating videos that offer insights, opinions, and commentary on relevant topics.
  3. Brand storytelling: Videos can be used to tell the story of a brand, highlighting its mission, values, and personality.
  4. Testimonials and case studies: Videos featuring satisfied customers or success stories can be powerful social proof and persuade potential customers to make a purchase.
  5. Social media content: Short, snackable videos are perfect for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where users prefer quick and visually appealing content.

As one can see, there are plenty of ways to use and make the most of video content in marketing. Video transcription though, makes videos even more effective and beneficial in content marketing strategies. Let’s see how.

Benefits of Transcribing Videos and Audio Podcasts for Content Marketing

Video has become an increasingly popular format for content marketing because it is more engaging and memorable than text or images alone. In addition to videos, audio podcasts have become a renowned source of information for netizens. If you are not using videos in content marketing, you receive less traffic and, as a result, fewer clients.

Video transcription involves converting the audio content of a video into written text, while transcribing audio means obtaining the voice content in textual format. This provides an accurate, searchable, and accessible version of your video and audio content. Subtitles or simply a text version of any video or audio podcast are in high demand as many people do not want or can’t listen to audio at the moment.

Moreover, video and audio transcription has plenty of advantages when it comes to content marketing:

Accessibility and inclusivity

Video transcription can make your video content more accessible to a wider audience, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Transcriptions also benefit non-native speakers or those who struggle with audio processing. Therefore, with video transcription, video content can reach larger audiences and receive more traffic.

In the following article, for example, we described how video transcription can improve accessibility in educational institutions.

How Video Transcription Can Help Enhance Accessibility in Educational Institutions
The benefits of video transcription for students with hearing disabilities, low literacy, and non-native speakers.

Increased engagement and user experience

Video transcription can provide an enhanced user experience for viewers by offering them multiple options to consume the content. For instance, some viewers may prefer to read the transcript rather than watch the video, while others may prefer to watch the video with subtitles. Video transcription also allows viewers to easily search for specific keywords and phrases within the video, increasing engagement.

Improved SEO and discoverability

Video transcription can improve the SEO of your website or platform by providing search engines with additional metadata to crawl and index. For example, with the relevant keywords in the video description or subtitles, the chances of higher ranking in Google also increase.

By including a transcription of your video, search engines can better understand the content of your video and display it in relevant search results. Additionally, including a transcript of your video can increase the chances of your content being shared and linked to by other websites, which can further improve your search engine ranking.

Improved content quality and repurposing

Video transcription provides a written record of your video content, making it easier to edit and repurpose your content in different formats. By using transcripts, you can create blog posts, articles, and social media posts, effectively repurposing the same content for different platforms. This also helps level up content quality due to the comprehensive, error-free written record of the spoken content.

Time-saving and efficiency

Video transcription can save both time and money. Transcribing videos manually can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, using automated transcription tools can significantly reduce the time and effort required for transcription. This frees up valuable time for the marketers to focus on other tasks, while still reaping the benefits of video transcription.

How is the Transcription of Audio Podcasts Possible?

While multiple solutions are available for creating video transcriptions, you rarely find a tool that can help you transcribe audio files or podcasts with excellent precision. 

DupliChecker.com offers a powerful speech to text audio transcription tool capable of converting audio content into text with ultimate efficiency. This speech-to-text converter offers multilingual support.

It is a web-based tool, which means users can easily access it through any device and convert speech in various languages to text with a few touches or clicks. What’s best is its ability to allow users to edit, modify, and copy the transcribed text. This amazing online speech-to-text generator with all these exceptional features is free. Hence, it makes generating audio podcast transcriptions easier than ever imagined.

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can help with video transcription

With a proper DAM solution, you can not only store and manage all the video files effectively but also create video transcriptions for them with a few simple clicks.

Pics.io offers a powerful speech-to-text video transcription feature available in multiple languages. In our DAM, you can automatically generate subtitles and closed captions for marketing, educational, and any other videos within seconds. What’s more, you can also copy, edit, and adjust the transcription, as well as generate timecodes.

Video transcription in content marketing
Video transcription in content marketing


Video transcription has become an essential aspect of any successful content marketing strategy. By transcribing your videos, you can increase accessibility and engagement, as well as improve the SEO and discoverability of your brand or product.

A reliable DAM system can help you with that. With such advanced tools as speech-to-text transcription, the process of managing and transcribing your video content has never been easier. Don't miss out on the benefits of video transcription - start incorporating it into your content marketing strategy today!

Did you enjoy this article? Give Pics.io a try — or book a demo with us, and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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