Leaving already?
Leaving already?
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Faster search with keywords and visual tags
Faster search with keywords and visual tags
Share assets in one click
Share assets in one click
Leave comments directly on assets
Leave comments directly on assets

Grab it while it lasts: Pics.io Shopify Integration special!

Not so long ago, we released a Pics.io Shopify integration. Our plugin uses SKUs to match product images inside your DAM with products in the Shopify store. Once matched, you can automatically upload all product images to Shopify. Compared with the default upload method where you have to create a CSV sheet, this integration saves you a lot of time and helps avoid mistakes caused by the manual data input.

You can check out how the plugin works in detail in the video below:

Now, for the best part.

From the start, Shopify integration was available starting with the Micro plan ($150/mo). For a limited time only, we are offering it with our Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plan, starting with $18/mo per user. And it’s yours to keep! Meaning that if you subscribe to Pics.io today, you’ll get to keep your Shopify integration even when the deal ends.

So, grab a subscription today and enjoy Shopify integration and full DAM benefits both.

The simplest file manager

Wait, what? What is DAM?

If you’re new to the club, DAM stands for digital asset management. In short, it’s a software solution for managing, maintaining, and sharing your media asset library. DAM saves time by helping you find one asset out of hundreds in a second, instead of a minute. Here’s the short breakdown of DAM features that make your life so much easier:

  • Advanced Search - use keywords, custom fields, and other metadata to descriptively tag assets. So, the next time you will be trying to find a specific image or video that you need, you won’t have to remember its name or general appearance. You can filter your library using specific metadata tags (like the price of an item, SKU, or a descriptive keyword) and find all assets that you need, regardless of where they are in the collection.
  • Version Control - instead of keeping a dozen versions of the same image, DAM lets you keep all revisions under a single thumbnail. So you can freely swap between versions and compare them side by side.
  • Easiest Way to Share Your Assets - Pics.io lets you create a shareable link to any asset in your library in a single click. Need to share a whole bunch of them? You can use Websites to instantly transform a folder of assets into an interactive online gallery. People with a link can view, download, and also comment on shared assets, helping you keep all feedback in one, conveniently accessible place.
  • Simple Solution to Managing Your Team - working in a team and want to restrict viewership and permissions? In Pics.io, you can create roles for every team member and easily dictate who gets to see which collections and what can they do with the assets (edit, download, add, etc.)

All of this + Shopify integration and so much more can be yours today, starting at $18/mo per user. If you’re not convinced yet, there’s always a free 7-day trial, no strings attached. Simply sign-up via the form down below and see for yourself why so many teams choose Pics.io. See you there ;)

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