Save, Select & Download What Matters Release Notes, 22 February 2018

You may have already noticed that is much more than a Digital Assets Management app. Yes, it transforms the chaos of your digital files into a robust and easy-to-use repository. But it’s also a powerful tool for successful collaborative work.

Armed with labels, color markers, websites, and other features, you can easily communicate with your teammates and other stakeholders and exchange comments about your assets.

One of the effective tools here are bright pink “markers” that you can attach to any place on your image and leave a message, such as “Make this logo bigger”. It’s a joke, guys. Please don’t do it to your designers.

Use markers to attract attention and leave comments.
Use markers to attract attention and leave comments.

We decided to push the limits of your ability to discuss assets inside even further. From now on you can see a small arrow on the right side of this pink marker. Once you put a marker somewhere on your canvas, you can drag this arrow to mark the whole area that is of some importance on interest to you.

Attach a marker and drag its corner to mark your area of interest.
Attach a marker and drag its corner to mark your area of interest.

And surely, you can also add a comment here to tell everybody why you think this area is important and what should be done about it.

Another new thing about we would like to share with you today is connected with Saved Searches.

Saved searches

In our previous Release Notes we wrote about the new location of Saved Searches, which has become more user-friendly. Now we have upgraded this functionality even more.

Now you can add assets in Saved Searches to your favourites. This will give a star status to these selected items, so finding them among other items on the list has become even easier.

And the final improvement for today deals with downloading, as you might have already guessed from the title. Let us explain what it is about.

If you have tried downloading files from, you know that you can resize your assets, i.e. change their quality before you download them. Previously, if you chose to resize multiple assets, you could only download them as an archive.

It sounds fine and convenient when you need to resize and download a lot of files in one go. But when it comes to downloading two or three files at a time repeatedly (which appears to be a common workflow for many of our users), having to unzip these numerous archives later can be a nuisance.

So, we have improved this feature. From now on, you can select multiple assets in, resize them as you wish, and after that it’s up to you either to download them as an archive or as separate files.

Resize your assets and download them the way you want.
Resize your assets and download them the way you want.

That’s it for today. Stay in touch for further updates from and never hesitate to try a free 30-day trial to explore its capabilities.

You are also welcome to send us your ideas and requests about features in either in Intercom chat or to email address. Team
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