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Streamlining Collaboration: A Guide on How to Share Creative Assets with Marketing Teams

Marketing encompasses a broad spectrum, with digital asset management sitting at its core. Imagine a central hub where your design team can store, share, and oversee digital assets, including images, videos, fonts, text files, and whatnot. This is precisely where Pics.io digital asset management shines. It offers options for sharing assets in bulk or individually, enabling creative teams to obtain immediate and accurate feedback from internal teams and external stakeholders.

In this guide, we share tips on how to share creative assets with marketing teams using a digital asset management system without the headache.

What is Digital Asset Management and How It Benefits Marketing Teams

Digital asset management (DAM) is software tailored for the storage, organization, and sharing of digital assets. It serves as a central hub that enables efficient location, sharing, and organization of marketing visuals. It offers the following benefits:

One Storage for All Marketing Assets

When dealing with digital assets, one of the key challenges for marketing teams is managing different file formats. From images and raw photos to videos, audio files, and vector illustrations, the range of file types can be vast. This is where multiformat storage comes into play. As the name suggests, it supports various file formats, allowing easy storage and sharing of different types of creative assets, thereby fostering creative collaboration. Pics.io DAM supports PDF files, docs, Figma files, and even websites through the external links feature.

Advanced Metadata for Asset Search and Organization

Metadata is a crucial part of any DAM. Consider file naming conventions as an example, they simplify the process of locating marketing assets and thus boost the efficiency of managing and retrieving them. Pics.io takes metadata usage to the next level by offering custom fields. They allow implementing filters that work for your marketing team. These can be names of marketing campaigns, content creators, traffic channels, etc. Custom fields significantly decrease asset retrieval and search time, which boosts team's efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, Pics.io offers smart AI keyword tagging, saved searches, and many other useful tools for quick asset retrieval.

Keeping Track of Revisions with Version Control

With the dynamic nature of the creative process, versions of an asset can multiply quickly. Having a system that keeps track of these changes is essential for efficient and effective marketing. With version control feature, marketing teams can:

  • Monitor modifications and updates to marketing assets
  • Select the right file version
  • Ensure that all team members are utilizing the latest files
  • Enhance file organization and retrieval
  • Improve creative collaboration
  • Preserve brand consistency
Digital Asset Management Version Control - Versioning in DAM
Discover all about version control feature in digital asset management (DAM) systems. All benefits for teams and businesses.

How to Share Creative Assets with Marketing Teams Using Digital Asset Management System

Sharing creative assets effectively is a critical part of a marketing team’s workflow. In this regard, Pics.io provides comprehensive solutions for sharing and collaborating on creative assets.

- Simple File Sharing via Branded Portals - Websites

A website offers access to digital content (different file formats supported), functioning as a centralized hub for all necessary marketing assets. All you need to do is choose the necessary files and create a branded portal. Such a website is available via a link and can also be password-protected. By utilizing Pics.io branded portals, marketing teams can:

  • Create customized online portals for seamless previewing and distribution of assets internally and externally
  • Generate branded portals in seconds and set up control access to specific collections through roles and permissions, thereby ensuring secure interactions with brand assets.
  • Share single marketing assets or in bulk, and track changes

One can also modify settings and permissions, so that users can tag, comment, upload, and edit marketing assets directly within a website.

Learn how to use websites in Pics.io DAM in the video below.

If a marketing team needs to receive files from third parties like copywriters or content creators, they can use DAM inboxes. These work just like websites but for receiving marketing assets.

- Direct Tagging and Live Comments for Real-Time Feedback

This feature enables marketers to provide feedback directly under specific digital assets by tagging colleagues and adding comments. In such a way, DAM provides a a collaborative environment where team members can comment, edit, approve marketing assets, and communicate effectively.

Such functionality aids in monitoring the advancement of design or copywriting projects, for example, and delivering immediate feedback on newly uploaded revisions. When a comment is placed on an asset in Pics.io DAM, an alert is dispatched to the @mentioned teammates via email or Slack (due to Slack integration), which guarantees that everyone stays updated.

Our DAM employs a comprehensive notification system that sends out alerts for activities performed. This means that whether it’s a new asset being uploaded, an existing asset being modified, or a comment being added to an asset, the team members can get an immediate notification. You can also set up these notifications and turn them off if needed. Last but not least, with Pics.io Analytics and Reporting feature, you can see what assets have been downloaded and how many times. This allows tracking the performance of your marketing assets.

Integrating External Partners into Your Marketing Ecosystem

The integration of external partners into a company’s marketing ecosystem can bring a plethora of benefits. They offer fresh perspectives, unlock various layers of the ecosystem, and contribute significantly to marketing efforts. And, quite often, marketing teams work with external collaborators occasionally when it's needed instead of hiring a full-time employee. Pics.io DAM recognizes all these needs and offers features that allow seamless integration of external partners into the marketing ecosystem.

For instance, marketers can set up the following in Pics.io digital asset management platform

  • Roles and permissions based on what contractors are responsible for
  • Restricted access to specific assets, features, and tools
  • Monitoring the performance of shared assets
  • Expiration dates for assets

These features ensure effective collaboration with external partners while maintaining control and security.

If you want to find out more about how marketing teams can use Pics.io digital asset management to simplify their workflows, check out our article about WebMechanix - the top-performing digital marketing agency with more than 10 years of experience.

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In conclusion, Pics.io DAM offers a comprehensive solution for managing and sharing creative assets. Its multi-format storage and innovative sharing options like websites and inboxes, help marketing teams exchange and work on all the necessary creative assets in no time.

Did you enjoy this article? Give Pics.io a try — or book a demo with usa , and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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