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Top 5 New Upgrades in Pics.io

Pics.io Release Notes, 30 March 2018

Our dev team has been working a lot recently developing and testing a whole bunch of new features and improvements in Pics.io that we are happy to deliver to you today.

So, here is our Top 5 list of new and useful improvements in Pics.io DAM system, ready at your service.

The first change

Let’s start with a brand-new feature in Pics.io that many of our users have been asking for. It’s lightboards.

Briefly, lightboards are your own personal collections inside Pics.io.

These folders are accessible and visible to you alone. That means you can store there your personal and sensitive info that you are not quite ready to share with your teammates.

In the left panel of the screen you can now see a new “lightbulb” icon. A click on this icon gives you access to your list of lightboards. Here you can upload assets directly from your device or pick those that you already have in your shared collections in Pics.io.

“Lightbulb” icon gives you access to your list of lightboards.
“Lightbulb” icon gives you access to your list of lightboards.

The important thing here is that all these manipulations, as well as the lightboards themselves, remain invisible to the rest of your team until you decide to make them public.


Lightboards give you a lot of freedom in Pics.io. It’s your private territory, your personal workshop where you can experiment away with your assets, start new projects, and create your personal mood boards for inspiration or reference.

Without lighboards your manipulations with assets might confuse other teammates and interfere with the generally accepted workflow. But now you have lightboards — a safe place where you can “break loose”.

The second change

The second improvement on our top chart today is a new video player.

Pics.io is famous for its ability to support a huge variety of file formats, including a whole range of video files.

Now, time has come to upgrade our video player and to make your viewing experience a lot more convenient.

A new video player

So, here’s a list of what has been added and improved:

  • More info about your video asset. Now you can see the original quality of your video in px right here, in the video player.
  • Easier navigation. You can now place your mouse cursor on any place of the video timeline and see its timing. No more guesswork and unnecessary clicking.
  • Loading progress. We’ve added a loading progress bar which shows how far your video is through the loading process. So now you can plan and predict your viewing experience.
  • A mere click on the screen can pause your video and then start playing it again. And with a double click you expand your video to full screen!
  • Better UX. We’ve upgraded the design of the video timeline and changed the behavior of the playhead to make them look a little “sexier”.

And if you missed one of our previous release notes, let us remind you that Pics.io video player works great for making screenshots and clipping your video files.

Welcome to try it out.

The third change

Our next improvements deals with the way you view assets in your collections in Pics.io.

We’ve changed some internal algorithms, so now the thumbnails of your assets are processed much faster when you scroll through your digital library. And it doesn’t matter how many gazillions of assets you store in Pics.io.

The fourth change

Another important improvement in Pics.io is connected with websites.

We’ve significantly improved the way websites are generated, so now they are delivered to you much faster.

It should be great news to all our subscribers who use websites to showcase their portfolios and display their work to customers and other people outside Pics.io.

If you haven’t tried using websites yet, you should definitely try them.

The fifth change

And the final thing we would like to boast of today is the way we have improved the entire process of new user registration.

It should be mentioned first that we in Pics.io take a great pride in our 24/7 live support and the way we maintain communication with our users. We guess it won’t be too self-assured to say that our customer support is much praised by all our users.

However, we’ve thoroughly analyzed the way we welcome our newly registered users and we came to realize that there’s room for improvement here.

3 simple steps — that’s all it takes to get registered in Pics.io
3 simple steps — that’s all it takes to get registered in Pics.io

We have upgraded the process of user registration a lot to make the experience of our new users more straightforward, smoother, and simpler. ‘Cause, this is the very essence of Pics.io DAM service!

So, if are not a Pics.io user yet and if you find yourself in the need for an efficient and robust DAM service, it’s high time you tried out Pics.io.

Pics.io Team
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