AI-powered keywording in

After months of continuous improvements Picsio has become a full-fledged digital asset management system. But we’re not gonna stop here.

For me keywording was always a pain. It was really hard to find the right words to make an image searchable. Especially that problem arose when I was submitting my photos to microstocks. It seems, that problem doesn’t exist anymore.

Introducing Magic in No, really. Just check out this short video. This is something I’ve secretly wanted for so many years.

Yep, it is Artificial Intelligence. Don’t worry, it won’t destroy the world. The only application of it is suggesting you keywords.

It is really great when your photos have keywords. Without this piece of information finding something in your library is like finding a needle in a haystack. It also a great addition to your file organization.

By the way, don't miss our best tips on file organization in our Smart File Organizer book.

This is just the beginning. We have plans to put more AI-based functionality to The only thing I want to ask you — please tell me, what capabilities do you want to get first? Probably batch keywording for all the photos in a collection? Or color labels according to the primary color of the photo? Or maybe crop suggestions?

But, to be honest, I hope that someone will ask us for a thing that we haven’t thought of yet. So please don’t limit your imagination. Team
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