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Role of Digital Asset Management for Customer Experiences

Customer service and experience are all about making sure that prospects convert into repeat customers as fast and smoothly as possible. Digital asset management system, meanwhile, is about managing your media asset library so that it’s easy to organize and search through.

So, how are these things connected? A significant part of a proper customer experience strategy is knowing how to deliver the right digital assets to the right customers at the right time. Marrying digital asset management (DAM) and customer experience (cx) strategy streamlines access to digital assets and makes it easier to distribute deliverables.

In today’s article, we’ll cover a few use cases in which digital asset management can prove to be a valuable ally.

Let’s dig in.

How DAM System Affects the Quality of Customer Service?

Find Information Faster and Easier

In a digital plane, customer service is really about two things:

  1. The problem needs to be solved as thoroughly as needed;
  2. It needs to be solved fast.

These things, in turn, require customer support reps to have access to the knowledge that satisfies both criteria. A scenario in which a customer support manager spends 10 minutes looking for the right answer and turns up with nothing is not the one that makes for a pleasant personalized customer experiences.

Unlike a traditional HelpDesk base with articles, DAM tech offers granularity as some requests are better served by providing a video or another visual to explain what a customer needs to do. Using a combination of keywords and specific file types, the customer support manager quickly finds the answer that suits the user the best:

Pics.io's DAM system lets you search by any and all metadata, keywords, and other criteria that you can think of

Digital Asset Management Features for Better Customer Experiences

Video content has slowly taken over all social media platforms and marketing channels, almost crowding out photos completely. No matter if we’re talking entertainment or education, videos are everywhere. Unsurprisingly, videos can also be of a huge help when it to helping customers. Video files with demo calls, training, and simply product presentations contain lots of crucial information for customer support.

Digital asset management for customer experiences: speech-to-text transcription
Digital asset management for customer experiences: speech-to-text transcription

Speech-to-text transcription

Within Pics.io DAM platform, one can easily turn any video into text with our AI-powered speech-to-text transcription feature. In such a way, you will be able to find the necessary video faster just by using keywords from video transcripts in search. Moreover, you don’t always have to look for the necessary information by watching the whole video - with a transcript you can just look through the text and find the necessary parts even faster.

Digital asset management for customer experiences: face recognition feature
Digital asset management for customer experiences: face recognition feature

Face recognition

Our brand-new face recognition feature is also beneficial for those using digital asset management (DAM) to improve their customers’ experience. This tool automatically goes through all the digital assets in your library and finds people’s faces. Once the face is recognized, you can save this person and search for all the assets with this person. Incredibly convenient, right?

For instance, if you are looking for a particular demo with some clients or a particular video training, you can find these digital assets by searching for the necessary people. Therefore, such fast and smooth search can help with timely customer responses and, moreover, boost customer satisfaction.

Integrations with Customer Support Tools

Visual assets really take the center stage in the digital world, no matter if we’re talking marketing or support.

The most basic example of such reliance would be screenshots or other visual aids your support team is certainly using in their HelpDesk articles. Text is nice and all, but if we’re explaining some user UI/UX elements, for instance, a visual aid would serve better.

But design is never a one-and-done thing. It’s constantly changing and so should the support articles. So one thing you can do is use the functionality of the external links mentioned above to connect links to articles with images inside your DAM solution for customer experience, giving you an easy way to see all articles where this or that image needs to be updated.

And the best thing is that thanks to the integrations, you don’t even need to set up complicated workflows to guarantee that any and all updates are made on time.

Pics.io’s integration with HubSpot via Zapier, lets you set up multiple automation. For example, you can set up a condition that whenever you change an asset’s tags or leave a comment in its info panel, it will automatically generate a ticket in HubSpot.

Integrations with Customer Success softwares such as HubSpot lets you streamilne your asset delivery pipelines

Everything that the customer support manager needs to do in this situation is open their HubSpot (a thing they would be doing anyway) and see that they need to take care of all relevant digital assets.  

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Helps to Retain Your Regular Customers?

Customer service isn’t only about immediate support, though. We’re talking about the entire journey - from creating awareness, converting prospects to customers, establishing trust, and more.

Like in the above examples, DAM platform helps you increase retention by streamlining how you interact with your media library, and delivering the right digital assets to the right audience at the right time.

One of our users - ImpliedHotels - designs and develops retreat spots that are unlike each other. Every location has its unique vibe and purpose, so ImpliedHotels relies heavily on the visual promotion of their locations. After all, it’s not like 4 Seasons or Hilton where you know what you’re getting; some preliminary checkout is in order.

ImpliedHotels used Pics.io's DAM websites functionality to create interactive branded portals for their clients

Their usual model had gone awry during the covid-19 pandemic as there were some issues with on-premise tours of locations. Thus, ImpliedHotels had to rely on virtual tours, but without a proper software, these tours were hard to organize and distribute.

Using websites - that’s what we call our branded portals - they could quickly create a curated collection of videos and images and share them with prospects in one click. They didn’t have to bother with invites, Google Drives, or re-uploads. With Pics.io, you literally can share digital assets straight from your digital library in just a few simple clicks.

What Other Problems Can Be Solved With The Help of DAM?

Whatever stage of the customer journey you’re working on, Pics.io DAM helps you reduce the number of steps you need to take to get the desired result.

Let’s say you have recurring campaigns - Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas - and you have a curated set of visuals for every occasion. Or maybe, you’re planning a new product launch and you categorized assets by their relationship to each product that you have.

Using custom fields, you can create an Event list and then add each holiday as an item there. So, whenever a new occasion arises, you can just quickly find the one that you need!

In a similar vein, if you’re running multiple content marketing channels (as you should!), you may have run into a need to reformat images to accommodate different formats on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere!

Though it might seem a trivial task, many complications - like lack of access to a computer - can turn it into a headscratcher, especially if your SMM person is working on a tight deadline. Because Pics.io DAM is a cloud platform, it works as well on mobile as it does with the desktop version, you can choose to download an image in any resolution, format, and social media template that you’d need!

Pics.io's DAM is a great boon for social media as it lets you download and convert images to any format that you might need

Those who have creative roles and responsibilities in your team can also opt to do a quick transformation of an image in the built-in editor if it’s simple enough where booting up Photoshop isn’t really warranted.


We may have issues with the current state of affairs or think that it’s unsustainable. But the fact remains that modern users expect to get the right digital content fast. With such high competition regardless of a business niche, if users feel like they are waiting too long for a reply from customer support or if they received an offer from your competitor first - you might as well miss out on their business. So, the cost of mistakes is quite high.

Answering the question of what is digital asset management for customer experience gives a definite answer. Incorporating DAM best practices into your client experience systems guarantees that there won’t be a need to hire merciless androids that can process thousands of requests in a fraction of a second. You just can give human tools to…humans, and see how easier their work becomes!

Plus, you don’t have to take us for our word - with a 7-day free trial and an optional demo call, you can see all the benefits that Pics.io brings to your customer experience efforts yourself.

See you there ;)

Did you enjoy this article? Give Pics.io a try — or book a demo with us, and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.


What is a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy?

Customer experience is how your target audience interacts with your business. First impressions, sales, post-sale support, loyalty programs - all these comprise a customer’s experience. Consequently, customer experience strategy is the steps and methods you are choosing to ensure that your customers’ experience is as satisfying and enjoyable as possible, with the ultimate goal of turning them into repeat customers.

Why Does Your CX Strategy Need a DAM Solution?

At the core of the successful customer experience strategy is the ability to deliver the right collaterals at the right steps of the customer’s journey. Maybe you’re talking with a prospect and need to provide them with materials (such as studies, infographics, or pricing info) to persuade them that you’re offering a quality product. Or, you’re talking with a repeat customer who needs troubleshooting.

Digital asset management strategy is all about proper management and retrieval of your company’s assets regardless of where they are. Investment into and mastery of DAM software for customer experiences lets you improve that process, and deliver a higher quality experience to a larger number of customers in the same amount of time.

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