How to connect your domain name to

If you want to create a website using, usually you want it to be available at an address like, not something like that goes by default.

Well, that’s easily achievable:

1. Go to the website where you’ve registered your domain name (GoDaddy, IwantMyName, etc.)

2. Find DNS preferences of the domain name you want to connect to

3. You need to change A-records of your domain:

* should be associated with ip address should be also associated with ip address

You can leave MX records untouched. Once you finish setting up the right A-records, save them and wait one day for them to apply.

After that you’ll be able to enter your domain into the link field in

Update Website: Portfolio

If you want to create a dedicated gallery, just add a word after the last slash (i.e. and click Create website.

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