How to connect your domain name to Public Websites: Share Your Files Easily

As an all-in-one DAM tool, offers you the simplest way to share your content with third parties. So-called “public websites” are collections that you can distribute to freelancers, partners, or clients.

Customization is one of the top perks of websites. You can change the logo and color palette on your website, customize its structure and set up permissions for website’s visitors (commenting, downloading, etc.). As a result, each website will fit your branding standards and help you stand out from the crowd.

Enhance branding with your website domain name

Customizing a domain name is also a great way to strengthen your brand when using websites. You’d definitely want your web address to look something like instead of that goes by default.

Well, that’s easily achievable:

1. Make a change to your DNS record. You may create a CNAME record for a subdomain like (replace "sites" with any word you want) and enter the following value:


Create an A record for a subdomain and point it to the following IP address:

2. Go to My Team Settings and select which domain name you'd like to use for your websites.


You can change it right when creating a new website. Just edit the URL in your site settings. Replace “” in with “”

Changing a domain name on website

3. On the way out, your URL should look like

For more details, see our Help Center article on sharing assets at Also, don't miss an opportunity to explore other features.

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