New Sync Functionality

Hi there, last week was hit by the long awaited update of its Sync functionality. Despite our new users get the idea pretty well, those who were with us before asked for some clarification. So, here’s how new improved Sync works.

There are two types of Sync in our application. First one allows to bring into current state of your Google Drive folder. Second type allows to organize your Google Drive ‘Picsio’ folder in accordance with what you have in the interface.

Sync tab

Sync from GDrive, as mentioned before, allows to replicate the state of folder that is in your Google Drive to your account. If by some reason you opened ‘’ folder in your Google Drive, changed something there (added new files/folders, removed existing files/folders, rearranged files between folders or uploaded new files) and want to get those changes into your — press Sync From GDrive. This type of sync has three options:

Google Drive synchronization

The first option will make your collections tree and files exactly the same as ‘’ Google Drive folder looks like, i.e. if you moved some files between collections or added some collections in using interface - they will be lost. As well if you deleted some files in your Google Drive but they’re still in, they will be removed. And if you added some files straight into Google Drive we will add them into as well.

The second option is familiar to those who used before. It just scans folder of your Google Drive and imports all the new files and folders. In most of the cases this option is used when some new files were uploaded with Google Drive application from your computer or smartphone. This is really handy when you need to put a lot of files into

The third option was requested a lot of times by our users who use the service a lot. In some cases you need to delete files from your Google Drive but knows nothing about that. So there’s no file in your Google Drive but still a mention of the file in For sure, you don’t want to delete all that files manually. That sucks! In that case just run this type of sync that will find all the missing files and remove their mention from the database. That simple.

This feature was asked many times by our users so we gave up and made that possible. It allows to make your Google Drive ‘’ folder exactly the same as your collections in Now you may use our service to easily manage your files and then bring the same order into your Google Drive.

That’s probably it about new Sync functionality, you may ask us anything about that in the comments below. Also, don't forget to check other features and how it works. Team
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