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How to Turn Prospects into Customers: SaaS Demo Review Best Practices

B2B SaaS sales process is known for its pretty long sales cycle (84 days on average, according to HubSpot) and more people involved in the decision-making process. That is why SaaS sales demos are so important for a successful sales conversion rate - a persuasive demo call shows the product’s advantages and helps leads make a final decision.

But how to improve sales demos? This is where all sales need to do demo reviews. A detailed analysis of both strong and weak sides of each demo call helps the sales team do better every next time and fix mistakes (if any).

In this article, we will talk in detail about how Pics.io teams review sales demos and how it helped us to maintain our sales conversion rate higher than 40% since 2020.

Why Review SaaS Sales Demos?

In B2B SaaS sales, leads get to know the product and how it can benefit their company during demo calls. And that’s why they’re crucial.

Conducting an impactful demo call with prospects is one part of success. But regular demo reviews are not less important. If you never revisit your performance, how do you know you’re hitting the right notes?

Sales demo review is like homework correction - you don’t learn if you don’t know what you missed or did wrong and how to fix it. Here are a few things to learn from such reviews:

  • Spot those “Oops, shouldn’t have said that!” moments.
  • Gather those “Aha! They loved this!” insights.
  • Get a clearer picture of what your audience is jamming to.
  • Fill in any blanks you might’ve missed.
  • Provide intel for the rest of the crew like marketing, customer support, and product dev.

SaaS Sales Demo Review Process

In Pics.io, it’s not just sales folks dissecting the demos. We get everyone from techies to marketers to share their opinions. Why? Fresh eyes, fresh insights!

Our sales team always asks leads if we can record a demo call. We only use these records internally for reviews and send videos to prospects as one of the post-demo activities. In such a way, they can also use these videos and share them with team members who were not present during the demo, for example.

At first, it may seem that constantly reviewing demos takes lots of time, especially when different departments are involved. However, we are using Pics.io digital asset management software, which makes the whole process smooth and quick.

Let’s see how it looks on our side and, trust me, you won’t find a more convenient and user-friendly sales demo review solution:

Upload Demo Video in DAM

We use our DAM system as a centralized media library for all the digital assets Pics.io teams are using, including demo calls. Everyone can easily pop in, pick a demo, and get watching.

We have a special folder, where all demos are stored. Once one of our sales representatives adds a video to this folder, they also fill in the necessary information about the prospect. This can be their website, industry, or even a personalized comment from a person who conducted the demo. All these details are visible in the Info panel to the right once you open the video.

Sales demo review with Pics.io DAM

Assign Demo Reviewer

Now, how do you notify someone that they need to review a sales demo? First of all, we have a queue, so that every team member gets to review sales demo calls one by one. Secondly, we assign videos to teammates in DAM.

How to assign assets to user in Pics.io DAM

Once a person is assigned to review a sales demo, they will receive an email notification.

Another way to see all the videos assigned to you is to use the Assigned to me quick search in DAM.

Pics.io DAM quick search

Last but not least, we’re using a Slack integration for convenience and tag reviewers in the necessary Slack notification about demo upload. Easy-peasy!

Demo Review

Usually, our teammates need from 30 to 60 minutes to do a review. To make the review more efficient and convenient, one can also use AI speech-to-text transcription available in multiple languages. With this feature, a full demo call transcript is generated within seconds. You can easily read through it and focus on the most important parts instead of watching the whole video.

AI speech-to-text transcription feature in Pics.io DAM
AI speech-to-text transcription feature in Pics.io DAM

You can also change the speed of the video and view it as you want.

Since everyone will evaluate demo calls differently, we use a few simple rules to formalize the process. For instance, we use a short list of questions to cover as many gaps as possible. Here they are:

  • What is really great in the demo?
  • What is misleading?
  • Any inaccuracies?
  • Which questions were not answered?
  • What could be done better?
  • What should be done exactly the same way next time?

Of course, every company should modify demands for their demo reviews depending on their goals, target audience, etc.

Leaving Review

After you’re done with watching the demo, it’s time to go through your notes and organize them logically. In Pics.io DAM, we use video comments with timecodes to mark the most important moments.

For this, just click Attach time in the activity panel on the right side of the video.

How to add comments with timecodes in Pics.io DAM

No matter where you click on the video, the timecode will automatically show the exact timing as in the screenshot below.

Comment with timecode in Pics.io DAM

Pinpoint specific moments, scribble down your thoughts, throw in some emojis, and even tag your teammates. It's collaboration magic! All these will be shown on the right side of the video in DAM.

How to tag other people in Pics.io DAM

In the end, just move the Approve toggle to finish a review. And, that’s all - as simple as that.

How Other Teams can Use Sales Demo Reviews

As we’ve already mentioned before, demos have lots of interesting and useful information about how potential clients see the software, what they’re looking for, FAQs, etc. This is a gold mine for all company departments. Sales demo reviews improve every team member’s product knowledge (including all the latest features and updates) and our target audience’s needs.

In Pics.io, we also tag our copywriter or marketing manager in demos and ask them to review a specific part with new information. In such a way, we share and generate ideas for content marketing (like topics for blog posts) and insights on our target audience. What’s more, marketing "steals" the language of the prospects and uses their way of articulating pain points in marketing materials.

In case any technical issues or bugs were noticed during the demo, our development and QA teams look into the problem and decide if anything has to be fixed.

Our prospects often talk about new functionality they’re missing - this is where our product team takes over. They process such feature requests and can add new functions in the future.

The support team gets to know those, for whom they will later conduct onboarding training.


A demo isn't just a show-and-tell session. It's a golden ticket to understanding your customer's world. If you’re still not doing demo reviews, it’s high time to start. When a team regularly reviews demos, they get killer insights into what clicks with the audience and what doesn't. It's like getting a sneak peek into their brains! The more you do them, the better you get, and the higher your sales conversion soars.

Now it is time to get your sales workflow improved! Schedule your own Pics.io meeting below and learn even more about Sales Demo Review Workflow from our professionals.

Did you enjoy this article? Give Pics.io a try — or book a demo with us, and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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