Pricing — Choose the Best Practice for your Team

Being cost-effective is a number one virtue for any business and choosing the right software is one of the key components to that.

When it comes to choosing the right DAM tool (sooner or later, any mature business faces this dilemma), the variety of tools available on the market is just overwhelming. So is the price range — starting from zero and sky-rocketing beyond any reasonable price you can afford.

To make things even more difficult, price quotations for most DAM solutions are not available from the outset. You have to request from the provider, and after a severe acid test, you may be given a quote. Or may not, if they consider your business to be a bit of a small fry for them. pricing

4 main advantages of Pricing:

  • Our pricing quotes are clear & transparent. You can see all our billing plans on our website & plan your budget from day one. And that will remain unchanged for you. No strings attached.
  • We believe that there are no one-size-fits-all apps for business, as every business is unique. Yet, kind of defeats this assumption ’cause we offer a variety of pricing plans for every need and budget, starting from zero.
  • Unlike other DAM solutions, pricing does not depend on the size of your digital storage. We just work with the storage you have on Google Drive (our advice — make it unlimited with a Google Workspace account). So, your storage space is not in the picture when you compare billing plans. You can have gazillions of assets in your GD — we don’t care, and we don’t charge you for that.
  • While choosing the right billing plan in, you only need to consider 2 factors: the number of people in your team who are going to use DAM & how likely you might want to share your assets with someone beyond your team (number of websites). The rest of functionality (metadata, keywords, version control, commenting, etc.) remains basically the same across all our pricing plans.

We understand, however, that you may need some support. To this end, we’ve compiled a short pricing guide with best practices that are based on the stories of our customers.

Let’s get going!

MICRO plan — ideal for small teams & new businesses

Who may want this plan?

Almost any type of business you can imagine: startups, young businesses, creative agencies, real estate & travel agencies, non-profits — you name it! Micro-plan is by far the most popular billing plan in — and for a good reason too.

Want more examples?

This plan will suit you perfectly if you are a small team of max. 10 people. For example, if you are a small travel agency, you may want all your managers to have access to the same library of good, copyright-safe images. So they can use them online on your website and social media, put them in brochures & other advertising materials.

And it’s true not only about travel agencies. For instance, here’s a review left at Capterra by one of our customers — CFA Society of the UK — a professional membership body of investment professionals in Great Britain:

“…Really easy to use, great organisation tools, good team collaboration tools, fantastic customer support.” — Duncan Trevithick, Content Editor @ CFA Society of the UK

Or you can be an educational platform and you need DAM to have access to the same storage of videos and other materials you produce. And you may also want to share your brand materials (logos, banneers, etc.) with your partners. To this end, you can create what we call a “website” — a sort of landing page with the assets you want to share outside your team.

Here’s how Benjamin Frischbier from SAE Institute GmbH — a private educational institution for careers in the creative and media industries — described their experience of using DAM:

“… It is very intuitive and brings a lot of necessary features for today’s workflow. I guess for somebody getting in touch first time with classical dam-services it is a perfect starter with more than fair pricing and a 24/7 scaling option for all features.” — Benjamin Frischbier, Art Direction @ SAE Institute GmbH

With a micro-plan, you can create up to 15 websites. So, for example, if you are a creative agency, one of your actual needs would be to share your designs, videos, and copy with your customers to get their feedback and approval. Website is just the tool you need. So, if you are a creative team with no more than 15 client projects running at the same time — Micro plan is the right fit for you.

Here’s how one of our customers — RocketBrand — a full service branding and advertising agency from Dallas, Texas — say about using

“ has helped us really make better use of our digital assets, better unlocking the potential of our work.” — Ross Cromartie, CEO @ RocketBrand

What’s the cost again?

Micro plan comes at $120 per month ($1,200 per year). For this, you can add up to 10 people in your team & create up to 15 public websites. + You get a discount price for automatic keyword generation ($18 / 1000 pcs) and auto-sync happening every 30 min.

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Let’s move on to the next billing plan we have to offer.

SMALL plan — the right fit for colleges, online retailers & established companies

Who may want this plan?

Again, the variety of customers who use this billing plan is overwhelming. In general, it works best for companies with dispersed teams. That includes universities, international businesses & non-profits, as well as large companies with lots of employees and projects running at the same time. Within this billing plan you can invite up to 50 people to your library & create up to 50 websites.

Want more examples?

If you represent a big university, one of your burning needs would be to make a cloud-based library where everybody across different departments & campuses can easily find what they need. Up-to-date logos, official letterheads, banners, photos from past events, fund-raising materials for donors… you name it — a DAM service, such as, is the right place to store all your digital content & protect it with secured access.

As a university, you may also benefit a lot from the huge number of websites that you have within the Small plan. How to use them? For example, you can use them to share your branding materials with partners or alumni organizations. Or, your marketing & communications team may use a website as a communication platform with an outsource video production agency who they commissioned to shoot a new video for the future admission campaign.

Here’s what one of our customers — Whitman College — a liberal arts college from Washington — said about using & websites in particular:

“We have really enjoyed how easy is to navigate and update — and how visual. It is much easier to locate the images we need, and the ability to create shareable websites helps us share images with a variety of constituents.” — Savannah Tranchell, Director of Content @ Whitman College

In other words, is a tool to bring together a great number of teams & departments within one big organization & keep everybody updated about relevant digital content available.

Another review from Inception Group puts it really well. Inception Group is an award-winning hospitality company that owns & operates a group of high-end bar, restaurant and club concepts in London.

“It’s so easy to find and reuse images with! Everything is kept in one place and we can tag and sort our files cross-team, and then share them with our PR team. Without it would be impossible to keep on-top of our social media marketing.” Alex Wilder, Head of Design & Branding @ Inception Group

What’s the cost again?

Small plan comes at $480 per month ($4,800 per year). For this, you can add up to 50 people in your team & create up to 50 public websites. + You receive a discount price for automatic keyword generation ($15 / 1000 pcs) & auto-sync happening every 15 min.

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The next billing plan available at is Medium.

MEDIUM plan — ideal for large established companies with more than one office

Who may want this plan?

Medium plan works best if yours is a really large company with several offices in different cities or even on different continents. DAM is a unique service that will help you bring your dispersed team together & easily locate the necessary files out of millions of digital assets you have.

Want more examples?

If you are a producer with manufacturing facilities & offices around the globe, you definitely rely on various software to keep everybody on the same page. A good DAM service must be on the list of software to buy. Especially, if you want:

  • To keep your branding policy consistent across different markets. For this, you need to make sure that all the local marketing teams around the world have access to the same bank of assets.
  • To ensure fast & efficient exchange of digital documents (designs, technical drawings, corporate images, etc.) between numerous departments and teams located miles from each other.
  • To keep sensitive documents safe & secure, but within easy reach when necessary.
  • Easily share your digital files with partners (e.g. quickly whip up a collection of branding materials for your digital marketing agency).

Although Northwest Lineman College is not a producer technically speaking, they also represent a large institution with four campuses across the USA. Their testimonial is another great proof to efficiency:

“ has been a wonderful tool for our company to host an approved photo library that can be shared with the company. Different departments, such as video production, marketing, and curriculum all regularly use to find and search for photos that can be used in different materials.” — Josh Wiese, Associate Creative Director @ Northwest Lineman College.

What’s the cost again?

Medium plan comes at $840 per month ($8,400 per year). For this, you can add up to 100 people in your team & create up to 100 public websites. + You receive a rock-bottom price for automatic keyword generation ($10 / 1000 pcs) & auto-sync happening every 5 min.

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And want if you need a bigger solution with specific functionality? No problem! Contact our sales team & we’ll be happy to negotiate a custom Enterprise plan for your business.

Hey! What about the cheapest plan you have?

Yes, we understand that yours can be a very small team with just a few people. So small, that even a Micro plan sounds like an overkill. But we also believe that having a good DAM service is a must for any business — big or small, so here’s our cost-effective proposal — Pay As You Go plan.

Who may want this plan?

Pay As You Go Plan is an ideal cost-effective solution for individual freelancers, small teams & startups. In fact, your real team can be much bigger, but only a few of them actually need a DAM.

For example, if you are a design studio, your team may consist of merely 3 designers, but in terms of digital content, you may produce terabytes of information (that includes videos, raw photos, heavy pdf files, etc.). Any other DAM service, but, will take you to the cleaners for that. With Pay As You Go plan, however, you’re looking at $54 a month (for 3 teammates). Plus, $12 /mo for every website you may need to create from time to time to send your designs to the customer for review.

Here’s a testimonial left on Capterra by one of our customers — Launch Titans — a leading full service digital marketing agency from California, but with a team of top professionals from all over the globe :

“… revolutionized our agency asset management, reduced costs & optimized our creative process! […] I think it would be impossible for any other DAM to compete with this solution on cost and functions.” — Anthony Accetturo, CEO / Owner @ Launch Titans.

Pay As You Go plan allows you to predict and balance your bill. Once you see that you need to invite more teammates or create more websites, and you see that your bill is getting closer to $120 /mo, a good idea will be to switch to Micro billing plan. Similarly, you can downgrade your pricing plan, when your team gets smaller.

Another feedback from Simpleray — a top solar company & solar contractor installing solar panels across several states in the USA — testifies to the efficiency of

“We were searching for a service that would help us organize, manage and utilize our photos & media assets. We were spending a lot of time, sometimes hours, looking for the necessary file! Luckily, with searchable and shareable asset organization, we are better organized and no longer have this issue.” — Janae Rowe, Marketing Manager & Simpleray

What’s the cost again?

Pay As You Go plan starts at zero. For every additional teammate you invite you pay $18 / mo. Plus, $12 /mo for every public website you create on top of All the other DAM functionality you get within Pay As You Go Plan is mostly the same as with other plans.

Some more goodies into the bargain

Here are a couple of more bonuses to our generous pricing plans at

  • Pay per person offer. Sometimes, the number of people in your team slightly exceeds the benchmark of the pricing plan. Say, you have 12 people, but Micro plan ends at 10 people. Buying a Small plan would be paying through the nose for you, and we fully understand that. So, contact us & we’ll negotiate a personal quote for you.
  • Discounts for colleges & non-profits. If you are an educational institution or a non-profit foundation, we offer very generous discounts on Small & Medium plans.
  • Promo-codes & special offers. Once in a while we run marketing campaigns & referral programs that give you great discounts on our pricing plans. Stay tuned with on our blog or social media & be the first to learn about our nice offers.

Finally, remember that you can easily move between plans any time you want, and the new pricing will be adjusted automatically. If you choose to upgrade to a more expensive billing plan during the ongoing payment period, the unused portion of the prepaid subscription fee will be applied to the new price of the more expensive plan. The same applies to Pay As You Go plan. If you change the number of teammates or websites, the system will automatically update your invoice. It will also take into account the number of days during which you used these features during the month.

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