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How DAM fits creative agency workflow: Adobe CC integration

The creative process of a modern, innovative company cannot do without Adobe Creative Cloud. Present in every digital toolbox, the tool is a must for orchestrating your marketing programs, crafting designs, & ad campaigns.

To integrate Adobe with DAM is to make the solution even more useful to you. Imagine you can upload the files from your Pics.io library directly, make your magic & then save them back to storage.

It’s all possible with Pics.io Adobe plugins! And Pics.io is glad to announce that we have a full pack now. We’ve added InDesign to our list of integrations & updated the rest of the plugins. Now look for new features & more opportunities to implement in your creative workflow.

Why do we love Adobe?

Like the rest of the world, the Pics.io team is fond of Adobe CC. And it’s not surprising. Without exaggeration, Adobe apps are a must in any team’s arsenal, especially if you’re producing creative content.

There is a thousand and one reasons why you need Adobe CC:

  • Photoshop, and that’s the end of it. The tool is for your web designs, all sorts of marketing collateral, social media, product photography, and many more.
  • Its full-stack package of desktop & mobile apps to craft photo & video content, together with brand deliverables, UI/UX elements, etc.
  • Its impressive collection of more than 60,000 free materials: images, videos, graphics, and so on.
  • Everything for everyone, from basic editing programs to advanced photo & video editors. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you’ll find the best for you with Adobe apps.
  • Support of any file type and format you can think of.

This list is endless owing to Adobe’s numerous merits. But we know how to make Adobe more worthwhile for you. Let’s raise the curtain now…

Pics.io integration with Adobe CC

Here at Pics.io, we’re well-aware of how businesses around the globe take advantage of Adobe apps. And so we integrated our digital asset manager to Adobe CC a long time ago.

But we also promised you to constantly improve our app. This time, we’ve updated our Adobe plugins to achieve an even better user experience. For the biggest news, we also released a missing InDesign Plugin. So you get the last piece of your Adobe puzzle!

Why do you need it?

Now imagine that you work in some creative agency. Marketing, video production, photography, design agency – you name it. Without Adobe integration, you’re struggling to reconcile with all the inconveniences:

  • Switching between different apps, windows, and tabs to select materials you’re planning to work within Adobe;
  • Wasting your time uploading & downloading your files millions of times;
  • Complaining of never-ending mess with your assets;
  • Missing the right files all the time – you need to add one last stroke to your design, but the missing element is on the teammate’s local hard disk. And the teammate’s on vacation. Somewhere in the other part of the world so you cannot call them.

Get rid of all these pain points once and for all – integrate your Adobe CC with DAM. Regardless of what’s your favorite Adobe tool, Pics.io DAM will fit your creative agency operations!

Pics.io & Photoshop

Preparing for some big marketing project, our imaginary creative agency (let it be a marketing company) is working on product photography. Their clients have contacted them as per the launch of the new product line.

And so to showcase the product, our creative agency is running a professional photoshoot, with simple props, proper lighting, & all the rest tinsel. Then it turns to Photoshop – the tool that can transform your photos into real artwork.

Integrated to Pics.io, Adobe Photoshop is a real pleasure to work with for our creative agency. The designer:

  • Uploads elements & branding materials directly from Pics.io storage;
  • Finds needed references in no time thanks to convenient search & the tree of collections;
  • Reuses older designs to economize their time & continue the lifecycle of assets;
  • Adds images as new layers, develops awesome designs, & saves them back to their media library.

Pics.io & Illustrator

The next step in our marketing campaign is to create a poster for the product line. Of course, Adobe Illustrator will help us best here. But don’t forget to integrate it into your DAM storage!

Here’s how our imaginary designer’s workflow will look like if their Adobe Illustrator is connected to Pics.io. The designer will be able to:

  • Open and save graphics & vector files to DAM directly;
  • Use Pics.io advanced search to find logos, typography, icons, and illustrations and add them to the poster;
  • Let the colleagues check the poster & share their ideas in the comment section;
  • Save the design as a new revision to be able to track all the changes.

Pics.io & Premiere Pro

Could we launch the project without the perfect promo video? No way! Let’s make up the idea, choose the direction & tone, write the script, decide on the duration, style, etc., etc.

Shooting a professional video is the most challenging task here for sure. But the after-production stage may take it forever for a reason as well.

Our imaginary creative agency will rely on Adobe Premiere Pro in this case. But it won’t forget about Pics.io too. And so this explosive combination will grant it a success:

  • The team would store all hefty elements needed for video production in one centralized place: storyboards, scripts, sound assets, clips, etc.;
  • The video editor will retract all these in one click;
  • They will edit the promo video, refine, & perfect it and then save it back to the storage;
  • In Pics.io, the editor can also tag their teammates to review their final work & compare it to older versions.

Pics.io & After Effects

And if the same promo should have some animation, our creative team will seek help in Adobe After Effects. The tool works perfectly if you need to add digital visual effects, play with composition, & motion graphics.

But I’m guessing you know that better than me. Let’s learn how our marketing company would win if they connect their After Effect app to Pics.io. The company will be able to:

  • Use keywords & metatags to find its assets in the blink of an eye & upload them to After Effects immediately;
  • Build a quick & useful shortcut between its media library and the Adobe tool to add photos, videos, and graphics to the project;
  • Keep all the promo versions in one place.

Pics.io & InDesign

And now Adobe InDesign – our cherry on top! The big marketing campaign we’re developing won’t do without all sorts of marketing collateral: posters, flyers, presentations, etc. All these, our imaginary designer will work on in InDesign.

But now they’ll integrate the tool with Pics.io & benefit from a smoother workflow:

  • Easy & straightforward connection between the media library & the Adobe tool;
  • Advanced search for assets with the hierarchy of collections, keywords, & metatags;
  • No clutter & disorder in your DAM storage;
  • Ability to save your designs as new assets or revisions.

A bit of magic – and our imaginary marketing company is running a perfect marketing campaign. And Pics.io was a great help here!

How to integrate Pics.io account with Adobe CC

If you’re a regular Adobe user, don’t waste your time & integrate your Pics.io account right now. Download the corresponding plugin from Adobe Exchange completely free of charge. Then, install it & start using the add-ons in a couple of clicks.

Don’t be shy to consult our Help Center to find a step by step guideline on how to add Pics.io to your Adobe creative apps.

Wrap up

Adobe Creative Cloud is a favorite tool of many. Pics.io knows this really well and so added it to its list of integrations to optimize your workspace. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and now InDesign – all your cherished apps to work on your projects & access files from one app.

If you’re still in the search of your ideal DAM solution, see Pics.io as your alternative. Innovative, with advanced functionality, but very user friendly – Pics.io is all you need to manage your files like a pro. Still have any doubts? Schedule a free demo with us & we’ll answer all your questions.

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